Che was that friend that you never knew you truly needed...

I met Uche as a freshman in college, but we didn’t form a real relationship until the end of that year.

Any girl knows how hard it is to find the right hair dresser! Especially in college. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the same hair dresser since I was in high school and she is honestly probably one of my top ten people. Not just because she makes my hair look amazing, but because she is someone who you can truly confide in. When you have a bad bay, in a fight with your boyfriend, disagreeing w/ your coach or friends, your hair dresser becomes that person that you can confide in for the 2-3 hours and put your whole life out there. They give you great advice and honestly are probably the only place that I can say I leave happy and positive no matter what ( well if she’s good :) )

I along with many others students at Syracuse were blessed to be able to form this relationship with Uche during college. And I’m not just saying this to say it. Sometimes I had to wait two or three weeks to even get on her schedule because not only did she do hair but she created Light on Ebony, kept amazing grades, prepared for law school like no one I’ve ever seen before, AND managed to go out and turn up with her friends

When I got to school, the first thing I started asking about was who does hair! I was freaking out because unlike most moms, my mom couldn’t do anything with my hair to save her life and never was able to teach me either. Because of this, I REALLY needed a hairstylist and NEEDED to find one ASAP. Thankfully, I had great luck and one of my cheer friends introduced me to her best friend and after that, I was set for the rest of my college career

I will admit that the first time I met Uche was a little intimidating because of who she hung out with and the way she carried herself. I will never forget that the first thing she said when I sat down in her chair is “ So your talking to _____.” I busted out laughing, and after that we talked for hours about guys, school and anything in between.  Our guys were best friends so it honestly seemed like destiny for Uche to be brought into my life.

I also was able to learn a lot of life lessons and business skills that I used even to this day.

I even sit down sometimes and think about the small things that I miss about her. Like her OCD and envy that I couldn’t keep my room as clean and organized as she kept EVERYTHING.

I didn’t know Uche as well as some people might have, but never felt like I was judge or questioned when it was just me and her. One of my biggest regrets in not staying in contact as much as I should’ve. I’m so glad that I got that last opportunity to talk to her on her birthday and see how she was doing an

d that everything was going well and hope that I am able to see her again one day...

Uche will be missed by many and loved by most but I will forever cherish the moments that we have had and all the lessons that I’ve learned while being Uches friend.

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