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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Over a course of months in 2019, we heard of the racial divide at Syracuse University. Media outlets told us of the social unrest of students who were speaking out against the racial discrimination that was spreading across campus. But for a number of us alumni this was our reality. Our stories were often kept silent, until given a platform created by Uche - Light on Ebony.

Light on Ebony was a registered student organization created by Uche, which was a safe space to talk about race, culture, and the bias that minority students faced. It was one of the first spaces that young men and women could commune over the struggles they faced, find solace in knowing they "weren't the only one", and found advice and guidance on how to push forward. Uche's vision at Syracuse was to bring to the surface the uncomfortable topics that are often overlooked. She helped create a space for us men and women to find our strength in a society where we sometimes feel weak. Light on Ebony embodied Uche's character of perseverance, impact, and community.

#LightonEbony #LOE

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